How do we get started?

Select Administrators

The administrators will be responsible for initiating group meetings, recruiting and organizing volunteers to work the program. Someone should be responsible for promotion within your group, as this is a key component to the success of the program. We recommend you select two administrators for best results.

Fill out the Registration Form

Within a day your account will be set up. A confirmation letter with your ACCOUNT CODE and PASSWORD will be emailed to you. Once you receive this information you may download the latest order forms from our website. click here to download the registration form. (Save the form onto your computer before filling out the content, save the changes and e-mail it back to

Schedule Introductory Meetings

We suggest you organize one or more meetings to educate your supporters about the program. You will need to cover topics such as collection of payment and distribution of the orders.

Begin the Ordering Process

Administrators collect the orders and enter them into the Avgen Group Order Form. These will be automatically totaled. Submit the Group Order as described in the document How to fill out and send forms. Once we receive your Group Order and payment, your order will be shipped to your specified address via courier. Someone will have to sign for the package. Carefully count the gift cards and certificates that you receive from AVGEN and verify that your order is correct BEFORE YOU DISTRIBUTE ANYTHING. Then fill each individual family order.