What are the shipping charges?

We primarily use Purolator for our shipping purposes and enjoy a large discount due to the volume of business we send. We charge $8.00 to ship by ground to Southern Ontario, Central Ontario and Southern Quebec. All other orders have a flat $10.00 shipping charge and are sent by air service. Please note that air service orders under $1500 may be shipped by Express Post which is a national 2-3 day service.

We mainly use Purolator for our shipments. As a result of our large volume we enjoy a big discount from them (about 50%). We charge shipping on a cost recovery basis only. We do not charge for the cost of manpower nor for shipping insurance. We charge a flat $8.00 to ship by ground to Southern Ontario, Central Ontario and Southern Quebec. All other orders have a flat $10.00 shipping charge and are shipped by air service. Note that air service orders under $1500 may be shipped by Express Post which is a national 2-3 day service.

When will I receive my order?

Typically orders will be received within 2 business days once the payment has been made. We usually ship orders within 24 hours after we receive payment. Our delivery service is usually next business day service to all parts of Canada.

Who can participate in Avgen’s Gift Card Program?

Practically anyone can take part! Many of our clients are organizations in need of fundraising, such as childcare centers, churches, schools, synagogues, social service agencies, sports groups, music groups and more. Currently we do not have any restrictions.

Where can we use the gift cards?

The gift cards that we sell are accepted at all the retailer locations across Canada. In addition some may also be used for online shopping and some may be used in the United States. Please refer to the redemption policies of the individual retailers in the Gift Card and Certificates Policies document. These policies are also sometimes listed on the gift cards themselves or you can refer to the retailer’s web site.

Is the denomination printed on each card?

Most cards have the denomination marked on them. About a quarter of the gift cards do not. Most have a toll free number on the back where the value can be confirmed. Our standard rule is that if there is no marking on it then it is $25. Exceptions to this rule are Rogers $10 and Wendy’s $10.

Is a signature required to receive Avgen’s shipment?

Unless you have made prior arrangements with the courier, they will require a signature before leaving our package at your door. If no one is available to sign, then our courier will leave a slip showing the details of where the package can be picked up or a number to call to arrange to have them re-deliver another day. Please be aware that if you have made arrangements with our courier to leave a package without a signature, then Avgen's responsibility ends when our courier says that they have delivered the package. You are responsible for any loss after that point.

How does Avgen handle back orders?

In the event that we are out of stock on a particular item we may substitute with cards of lower denomination. If this is not possible then we will ship your back ordered cards with your next order or we may choose to mail your backorder. All your back orders will be shipped within two weeks even if you haven’t placed your next order.

What if my shipment is lost on its’ way to me?

Avgen takes responsibility for shipments that are prepaid. If you have paid for shipping to us in advance then we assume the responsibility of transit loss. You do however, have the responsibility to notify us as quickly as possible that the shipment did not arrive. Avgen’s responsibility ends once our courier says they have delivered our package to your specified location.

Are we able to order denominations other than those on the order forms?

In most cases you are able to order other denominations however the time required for us to fill these orders will vary considerably from one retailer to the next. Most retailers charge us shipping fees or require us to purchase a minimum amount at one time and so in these cases we cannot order small quantities. In these cases we would add special denomination orders to our stocking orders and thereby meet the requirements. If this is the case then you must wait for us to place a stocking order. The wait time will vary from one retailer to the next and so it is always best to check with us first. Once confirmed you may add your special request at the bottom of the order form. We will then: ship your special request with your next order, you may wait for all to arrive or you may pay an extra shipping fee and we will ship the special order when it arrives. If the retailer allows then another option is to purchase the denominations you want directly at the retail outlet using our standard denominations as payment. Please check with your local retailer first.

How do the Excel Order forms calculate the profit?

The total profit shown at the bottom of the Group Excel Order Form takes into account the shipping cost and so the profit is reduced by this amount. The profit listed for each family in each column also takes the shipping cost into account and distributes the profit proportionally to each column. That is to say that the higher the dollar value in each column the more profit is allocated to that column or family. The Family Excel Order Form does not have the shipping information available and so shows the profit as if the shipping cost is zero. So unless the shipping cost is actually zero the Group Order Form and the Family Order Form will show slightly different profits. Note that the Group Order Form is correct.

What are the shipping charges on combined orders?

Our standard shipping charge will apply to the entire shipment.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes you may pick up your order at a prearranged time. No shipping charges will apply. Be sure to click on the Pick Up box located at the bottom right of the order form.

Do Gift Cards Expire?

A few of them have an expiry but the rest do not. For more details review our Card and Certificate Policies document which provides detailed information.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there is no minimum order size nor is there any minimum for frequency of ordering.

Can gift cards be used to pay store charge account balances?

Some retailers allow you to pay charge account balances with their gift cards, but most do not. Details can be found at the retailers’ web site.

What does the word scrip mean?

Scrip means provisional certificate or substitute money.

What is meant by in store rewards?

In store rewards are additional bonuses or promotions that you earn when using your gift certificate. Examples are Canadian Tire money, Pioneer bonus bucks, etc.

How do we become an Avgen customer?

Simply fill out the Group Registration Form and e-mail or fax it back to us. We will process the form and provide you with a customer account code. You may begin ordering immediately after receiving your account code.

What is your Return Policy?

Our policy is to accept items for return that are listed on our order form, within 30 days of purchase. We will only provide a credit. Once you have been notified that a credit has been issued, you may then use this credit against future purchases submitted with our order form. Our policy is to discourage refunds as these require additional and unwanted paper work. If a refund is required then it will be provided, but a $25 processing fee will apply. Items not listed in our order form (special order items) or items purchased more than 30 days prior are not included in this policy. In most cases these items will also be accepted for return but will be subject to a restocking fee which will be determined on a case by case basis. To return items please obtain prior authorization at You should send your approved items to the address listed at the bottom of this page. Note that you are responsible for all shipping costs and risk of in transit loss.

What is the discount that organizations receive?

Each vendor offers a different discount but on average it is about 4%.

When do we get our fundraising money?

When an organization pays Avgen for gift cards, they pay the discounted amount so that they keep their profit immediately.

How can I avoid staying home all day waiting for a package to arrive?

We can arrange to have your package held for pickup at the Purolator Depot of your choice. Packages usually arrive at the depot very early in the morning which is an additional benefit. Purolator should call you when the package arrives. You can then go to the depot to pick it up. Identification will be required. Please note that Avgen accepts responsibility for the package only up to the point when the package arrives at the depot.

What is meant by declining balance?

Declining balance means that you don't have to spend the whole amount of the gift certificate at once. In the case of plastic cards the retailer simply reduces the amount that is remaining on your card. For paper certificates they either give you a credit or cash for what you didn’t spend. If the certificate is not declining balance, then you must spend the entire amount on the certificate or forfeit the difference.

Why can’t I open the attached Order Form?

We send out our order form in two formats. One is in Excel format (xls). This is the easiest to use because all you need do is enter some company information and the quantities you require. Your total is instantly calculated. When complete you simply e-mail it back to us. However, if you don’t have Microsoft Excel or equivalent then you cannot open this attachment. If you would like to obtain an Excel compatible program free of charge, then read “can’t open Excel Order Form”. The second order form is in PDF format. This format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is also free. To use this order form, you must print it, fill it in manually and fax it back to us.

How can I get help?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. You can reach us for help by phone or email. Check the Contact Us section of our website for contact information.